Setting Up Your Device
Please use the links below to consult illustrations and instructions for assistance in properly connecting your TV, VCR, DVD player, and other audio / visual components. Additional information may also be found in the FAQ and your Owner's Manual.

Note that this information is applicable to products marketed and distributed by Funai Corporation; if you are using components from another manufacturer, you may need to consult that manufacturer's product literature.
How to:
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Connect your TV
Connect your TV and VCR
Connect your TV and DVD
Connect your TV, VCR, and DVD Player
Connect your TV and Dual Deck DVD/VCR
Connect your TV, VCR, or DVD to Stereo
Connect your TV to a Game System
What if my TV lacks A/V inputs?
Connecting your Television:

You will require: an antenna source and a coaxial cable or cables. Please note a Rod Antenna is NOT SUPPLIED with televisions 19” and larger. Connect the incoming signal to the ANT IN jack on the rear of the television using a coaxial cable.

Consult your Owner's Manual for assistance in performing the Channel Set-Up procedure.

The illustration below depicts the various types of incoming signals, including an indoor Rod Antenna, external VHF or UHF Antennas, or Cable or Satellite systems.

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